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November 10, 2006

sound up holland !

giz, people say dutch people can´t party. i have to oppose. BUT dutch people like limiters. no they don´t. dutch sound engineers like limiters.
like to use em real hard. ain´t no fussing with me man.

so to all the amsterdam people who were screaming at me to put the sound up. it wasn´t me.
we would have torn the shit up, fo ES , ladies, i saw you out there holding ur hands up.and i would have loved to shake my legs with u.

as u all heard later the nite the GUYS from radioclit got mr engineer to bypass the limiter. so, AMSTERDAM, next time you go to the BG, make sure you go check the soundman and tell him to cut that limiter, its no fun to dance in silence. and AMSTERDAM I LOVE U . so we´ll be back. all dem folks who saw that half sick girl standing up there - please send your get well cards to the other real sick girl. so it will be the 2 of us next time we come back to rock without limit(er)s. and thanks to the 11 crew, without you we would have left...


Posted by jay-oh at November 10, 2006 01:53 PM