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December 15, 2005


not true - i ain´t ready - mine´s here. chartees. i mean

since it s already been hard for me to bring them to a particular order
i was only able to do a top ten list, cause actually i like most of them tracks most and theres no No 1s or 10s - not to speak about twenties. i tried real hard - but it still seems like my top ten are in no particular order...

and for them blog faves - i stick with that list right there -------------------------------->

there´s a new one though for all you commercial people out there:


if you´re into the big market´s business

well then folks here you go:

Jay-Oh 2005 Hip Hop Top 10:
- roots manuva - awfully deep album
- spankrock - rick rubin e.p
- missy - cookbook album
- fumin - war e.p
- sway - unreleased
- monkeytribe - so sad son/get with the program e.p.
- nextmen with dynamite mc - ep
- the tape vs rqm - album
- birdy nam nam - dvd
- euricka - get crunk e.p.

Jay-Oh 2005 Grime Top 10:
- lady sov - ch ching rmxs
- wiley - rmxes
- slk vs flirta - hype hype
- mizz beats - hoodie rmx
- no lay - unorthodox daughter
- outbreak crew - all
- virus syndicate with marc one - album
- dj zinc + dynamite mc - people 4 (white)
- monsta riddim . v.a.
- medasyn: the battle (unreleased)

Jay-Oh 2005 V.A. Top 10:
- goldchains and suecie - better together
- jahcoozi - pure breed mongrel
- jackson - smash
- modeselektor vs ttc
- radioclit : chloe vs dizzee mashup
- m.i.a. (uk) - arular
- dynamite mc + origin unknown - hotness
- NIN vs 50 cent - closer vs birthday mash up
- dj vadim feat moshun man - terrorist
- flirta d - grimey

and heres my topfavourite list of peeps for 05 (again no particular order ):

AD (biggest fan of them sick chick. love u!)
Roman Liska (man made us look better, check: roman-liska.de)
San Gabriel (thanks + big respect - you know what for)
Sasha (i hope for some new jokes next year without the l word - kinda worn out...)
Gerriet (you made it all happen)
Jahn (thank heavens you saw our show)
Stefan Lehmkuhl (thanks for intro:duction)
Andrea (all that patience)
Marie (all that excitement!)
INA (miss you gyal!)
Isabella ( for giving me that composing chance again)
B + K (toast it)
Atilano + Sumi ( making me feel look safe : best-shop.com)

and more then everything:
FRONTROW DANCERS: (love, friends and all above)


Posted by jay-oh at December 15, 2005 04:37 PM


don´t count me on this one but isn´t
dynamite mc + origin unknown - hotness
an old tune of 2003? anyway, one dancefloor massacer!

Posted by: 160typo at December 15, 2005 07:19 PM

might be - i found it 2005 though and played it a lot - loving this tune!
charts are some subjective matter you know...
but thanks man!

Posted by: jayoh at December 16, 2005 01:14 PM

no worries, love the tune as well!
blasting to peak time, incredible

at least your charts show some style as subjective as they are ;)

Posted by: 160typo at December 19, 2005 03:53 PM