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February 21, 2007


on things going on over here...
Grab a pdf copy of a little magazine 2 friends and I did: THE END
(caution its 4,7 MB).
Its about urban life, arts, fiction, non-fiction. Enjoy.
Mixes are back up there ist two of them and they will be back down in a few days, so you better hurry: Aerobic and Unfinished.
You defenitely should stop by at my friends website in order to update yourself on the latest blogging from Beirut: Reisende Reporterin!
Last: Check terribleincs myspace-area for some future gigs a gig at salon des amateurs plus the rare opportunity to catch rhythm & sound 45 sessions feat. koki clashing into terrible at Urban Music Festival in Düsseldorf on April 8th.

Posted by terrible at 5:33 PM