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August 24, 2005


so here I am, sitting in a sunny Düsseldorf office, waiting for the promoter of Monkey's Club to pick me up for some lunch at the Monkey's restaurant and I am thinking about the last days I spent in Berlin.
It was nice to see all my friends, Washing Machine was a big success, not because it was overcrowded but because we all went bang and that was just what we intended.
Saturdays under Alexanderplatz which in my opinion should be renamed to Alexandraplatz after half girl /half sick and me did a one hour set that was defenitely kaotic (like underground sets should be, the power went off once which added a moment of confusion I defenitely appreciate at illegal "raves")....
Hey Ad a message to you....this one rocked, rocked, rocked and was pure pleasure to me. Props, credit, respect to those guys over at republish.org because the idea of doing this party at that spot was just brilliant. (somebody in the place say yeah).
Aight, phone is ringing....I'll post some more later on.
and outty....

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