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November 29, 2008

just as the AD said , Badiou had said.



(click the pic) and check your attitude

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November 21, 2008




WE LIKE! hamburg is getting ready for our second show in february.
this time at HAFENKLANG for one of the great MALARIA nights.
more soon...

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last nite

we played on a line up with

Hercules and Love affair
Late of the Pier

a huge overbranded corporate event.
but it was great to get to see and talk with these acts.
the surpise or the evening was Peaches. we had already seen her a couple of times so we were much more curious for the other bands. but she brought along such a variety of featured acts on stage that the show was nearly unbearably entertaining.
amongst them Screamclub (great speech !) Snax (lovely outfit) and motherfucking SHUNDA K of Yo Majesty! who probably had the tightest flow we´ve heard in ages (might even kill Dizzee). shit that lady spits SICK!

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thanks to marcin, liam and el barto, and all the other lovely people in warsaw, we had a great time!

warsawa crowd






warsawa obiekt club

liam and el barto

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November 14, 2008

let your x´s be y´s

i came across another very interesting peculiarity when reading friday´s newspaper.

someone(s) has had the nerve to make a website which analyses blogs and other webpages for their gender(ed) content.
the empirical results where stunning: "man" tend to write more about technical stuff, whilst "female" writers blog diary style.
typical words for "male" authors where : beer and programming, whilst typical ladies´content was : wine, scissors and shopping.
so in case you don´t know which of the many options you feel inclined towards today, blog a little and check:


might also help you with clothing option insecurities and other mirror crisises. (or your sommelier)


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late as always

our tour dates from now till december -

15th. november : warsaw, poland : object club
20th. november : berlin, germany : maria
05th. december : dublin, ireland : bodytonic
13th. december : halfgirl halfsick at picknick berlin
17th. december : berlin, germany : berlin hilton
27th. december : laax, switzerland : riders palace
31st. december : the big opening surprise special event

catch up, show some love, and enjoy the sickness

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ass you like it

a few shows ago, at scala, berlin, we had to sign three guy´s asses.
next time, one of you wants your butt decorated, we ´re going to encrypt a little more text.
like a recipe or our current charts:


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