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October 24, 2007


we spread chaos. we turn order upside down shake in some theory and burn
this cocktails remnants. here´s when we will reach your doorstep

26.oct.2007 Lausanne, Romandie , one sick girl
27.oct.2007 Bern, Dachstock sick girls and roundtableknights
03.nov.2007 Barcelona, Globo Sick Girls and more
10.nov.2007 Paris, We love Art, Modeselektor feat TTC Puppetmastaz, Otto v. schirach, Errorsmith, Jackmaster , Rustie, Sick Girls and more
17.nov.2007 Berlin, Picknick, Mighty Pope (!!!, Spankrock, LCD soundsystem) Sick Girls - Shotgun wedding release party
29.nov.2007 Eindhoven , Sick Girls etc


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October 09, 2007



we had a great time on saturday at picknick club, believe us...
see how JJ took a shower with her clothes on and much more
on the superrad NEON SLEEP photoblog

thx to welfe

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October 04, 2007

Step UP

and take some minimal action for BURMA/MYANMAR/BIRMA or however you want to reference it.
i know we all think petitions make no sense/difference , but then you can as well do it instead of doing NOTHING.

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AIght you´ve heard the news

Sick Girls are having a picknick in mitte this weekend.
so if you wanna join us for some lovely amuse oreilles, come by.
saturday, from midnight at
Dorotheenstr. 90
Berlin Mitte.

we play at 2:30 !

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