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September 26, 2007

it´s 1984 and nobody has noticed

i was at a protest march on saturday. not that this is smth special.
and yes AD and i usually don´t use this medium to blab about personal things, however. when doing research yesterday i found nobody who wrote about the protest against the new german security laws that are discussed these days. the state wants to put its citizens under surveillance, check and store all personal data, including telephone connections and short messages, health reports and social security data, credit card reports, emails, internet connections, personal data and more - for over half a year. and not only if you count as suspect, but from every single person. there will be no more "schweigepflicht" for doctors or lawyers, as all your data is stored on your health insurance cards, for everybody to check.
well again - i didn´t want to start blabbing, what i really wanted to say was that i was trying to find smth about this on the news. there were 15.000 people but i couldnt find any paper that found it worth writing about. thats why i felt the urge to at least say smth: there were people that got injured by police violence standing right beside me, while protesting peacefully. there was blood , teargas and pepperspray. the cops used their clubs on teenagers.
they aggressively went into the people demonstrating and started beating single people up, provoking aggression. trying to escalate. the black block got beaten up like shit but still behaved - which was amazing to see - and just stopped the demonstration. whilst that the police was filming everybody attending the march for their records."potentielle unruhestifter". maybe the sick girls will need to change their names.

Posted by jay-oh at September 26, 2007 01:40 PM