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May 29, 2007


all them smileys in the house.

friday nite was a real shot, thanks everyone for making an apperance.
special shouts go out to ADAMSKI for his amzing set and PRINCESS SUPERSTAR for making us her new favourite Djs and putting them ravers on fire with her bootyshake. not to forget our favourite party ROBOT. TRiPLETHX.

for the whole lot of you that missed the BASEMENT RAVE: you can see your girls on the glimmerbox - thursday nite on ARD - Polylux at 0:00
discussing that thing called new rave. tune in.

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May 24, 2007


"Ladies, what we´d like you to do is
see the devil come out from inside of you"

either tonight at Cookies with Princess Superstar
and your girls´sickness. sissystyle.

or tomorrow
at our own Mini Revolution ready to turn the festsaal basement
into rave hell with lovely guests and cameos. there´s an outside bar as well, if you fear it might get too hot for your socks.

if you´re a real raver just drop in both and show us your

25.05. Festsaal Kreuzberg Basement - starting at midnight


ROBOT KOCH (jahcoozi, the tape)
SICK GIRLS (revolution no 5)
and friends

bring your megaphone and better be early.

festsaal kreuzberg is on skalitzer strasse 130. u bahn kottbusser tor

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May 23, 2007

Sov´s sick

sasha from jahcoozi just told me this.

i think SOV´s totally high in this piece of youtube
big brother.
the one´s who read my de:bug article on her might have considered smth like this to happen.

but it is actually really really sad.

and probably also the reason for her to cancel her EU tour and why she didnt show up in berlin last month.

who woulda thought the major record companies spoil young kids cliche is still so true but it seems no matter what britney sov and
janet are all in the same boat.

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May 11, 2007

Next Round

the bad news: your girls have been quiet for a while and we might be so for a little longer, for the good news: we´re busy in the studio, frickeling on our re - mix compilation for violent turd.
the even better news:
we will continue rocking your boat in a chapel near you.

so here´s where to find us:

19.may 07 half girl/half sick at Designmai opening - kunstfabrik kreuzberg, berlin
25.may 07 revolution no 0,5 : sick girls and more at festsaalbasement, berlin
08.june 07 sick girls go east : club zooma, plauen
22.june 07 revolution en portuguese: sick girls at bazaar club, oporto
28.june 07 fuse it : sick girls and more at fusion festival, mühritzsee
6-8.july 07 : Revolution goes PIMP - grenada tent at Splash Festival,
Insel Pouch, hosted by sick girls.

more news in the making

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