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September 29, 2006


Are you gettin´ready? Sick Girls are gonna flood the house tonight
at conne island
with bloody bass and new tunes from overseas. and - yes we do expect our beautiful dresden fanbase to take a trip to your neighbor city.
you know sick girls love dresden so help us spread some love , grime and
insanity. let´s see if leipzig can hold saxony´s promises as well - so big L show us what you got we heard you can be really awesome!

tonight from 22h at conne island : koburger strasse 3

DJ SENCHA (black belt boogie)

DJ DA PORPOISE (ravin mum´s)

SICKGIRLS (revolution no 5)

from grime to crunk to electronica to bashment and back


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September 21, 2006

No Y City

got some pics for you

here´s the sick g´s house i was shown close to the ps1
sick house.jpg

following the tracks of leftfield hiphop

anticon was here.jpg

i end up in brooklyn witnessing ESG on stage:

esg red.jpg

and yes they can suck mic

esg giving head.jpg

so the crowd gets all red eared

l+ a red eared.jpg

thanks l + a.
for the time of my life ;)

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September 20, 2006


my blood connections to the advertising world have brought me this wonderful little slogometer , it lists the 100 most frequently used words in german advertisement (note the many english terms) and it seems that since the 90ies our little "wir" (we) is queen. as in "wir sind papst". my next hours will be spent combining the words on the list - "macht"(power) ranks on number 15.

let´s see...

note : also very interesting if we combine the slogometer with the sloganizer try : Macht.
i loved : Macht macht erfolgreich.

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September 19, 2006


hey folks,
yes I know - it's popkomm knocking at our doors so everybody is
fed to the maxx with high profile partees but if you - like me -
prefer some quality underground time to the big shiny doo-da, come
to LOVELITE on wednesday night to see METAPOLYP doin TOLCHA live
and on film plus get your midweek kicks from
DJ BUGGY meets HALF GIRL/HALF SICK probably back2back superset.
THX AND GET WELL SOON to lovely MS ELBE who got some heavy heavy
monster foot trouble breakage kind o' ting - luv!

and here in red on white:

mi-20-09-06 23:00 - lovelite - simplonstr.38-40
berlin friedrichshain

Meta Polyp-Popkomm-Special
Videoclippremiere zu TOLCHA "crushed ice" feat.
JAHCOOZI [kitty yo] & RQM [the tape/al-haca]
Urban Electro Dub
dj-support by
Minimal Broken Beats
installation by
[Sick Girls, Revolution, Club103/WMF]
Bashment, Crunk, Grime, Baile Funk

New Berlin minilabel META POLYP is ready to set it off at lovelite
during the popkomm. Members of the crew include TOLCHA, AL-HACA,
STEREOTYP. Wednesday will be the screening of the first TOLCHA-clip
HACA). And of course not to forget - a TOLCHA liveshow. Djs during
the night will be SEIDEMANN who released the great minimal dub record
STATIC RANDOM on ECHOCHORD and got mad support by HARDWAX and RICHIE
HAWTIN. Visual Deelites come from the Vj-Crew TRANSFORM BERLIN. On
the other floor we got the sickest girl from the SICK GIRLS - HALF
GIRL/HALF SICK=ADBIZ! who will tear up the roof with a unique mix of
bashment, crunk, grime, baile funk, mash-ups and bass music....and...
we got BUGGY, known from the former cult illegal partyseries MALZWEI
who will bust your ass for sure with some serious knarz-elektro!

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September 18, 2006

back from the US - urpators

aight the jay ´s back. full of new experiences, social -, cultural- and inter - (everything) studies.

so - as all of u know it always takes me some time till it´s finally on here - but here´s the first announcement that, after having managed to get my pics onto this digital device - u can expect me digging a little deeper into the so called "hype on hyphy" and my discoveries in oakland
- an explanation of why the rest of san francisco is still stuck on electroclash and an analysis of whats hot in new york as derived from sunglasses.

already overwhelmed by berlin´s possibilities, here´s where you will find the sick girls this week :

19th - yellow lounge - jimi tenor and orchestra
20th - first : hot chip at lido; then: half girl half sick at lovelite
22nd - sick girls at stadtbad oderberger strasse

and : missy comes to town - you know 30th of sept the mighty missy is playing her first ever show at arena berlin. get your tickets - she might as well have her coming out in berlin.

and for all the Leipzig people - don´t miss us 29th at conne island. more details soon.

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September 16, 2006



it's time to get the buzz started.
DJ FUNK is coming to town.
for the first time ever.
and if you can't be arsed to wait any longer,
like this fine young man below
just stick da booty master up your wall.


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September 14, 2006



you got your head in a bag and the ladies still don't like you?
don't worry - just take them out to JOSEF tomorrow night.
the bass will change their minds.
and in the end there will be loads of happy couples dancing in
the moonlight when KODE 9 and his personal SPACEAPE will fill
the floor with the finest dubstep on the planet. fo' real.

Club Josef@Maria
start 23.30
KODE 9 & THE SPACEAPE (Hyperdub/Rephlex/Tempa/Rinse FM, London)
DJ MAXXIMUS (MG77 Rec./Warp, Berlin)
SOMETHING J (MG77 Rec./Kool.Pop/Warp, Berlin)
MACKJIGGAH (MG77 Rec./Kool.Pop, Berlin)
PHOKUS (MG77 Rec., Hamburg)

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September 12, 2006


hey you cosmopolitan fashionistas! MUJI is in town. finally!
at least for a short while. just go to berlin's first
erlebnisbank on friedrichstrasse, deutsche bank that is.
your heart will do a little dance when you'll see the familiar logo.
MUJI MUJI. in the end it's nothing else than a much more trendy combination of ikea and h&m but as i said - it's better: the design is unbeatably clean, modern and intelligent. go and buy your basics quick,
the shop-in-shop system is presented only until november 3.

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September 05, 2006



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