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November 24, 2005

Here comes the flu again...

just when I got back on my feet again, the damn flu (a normal one, don't you worry) puts me back off my feet. I hate beeing sick, plus I hate myself right now as I didn't check the sign o the times and acted to late. After makin a short trip to Regensburg on Monday, where the brothers teichmann, acid maria an other local artists performed their djarts in an event called "Plattenfilme" a liveperformance where dj's add soundtrack to silentmovies, I went straigt to bed and awoke on thuesday feeling sick. 500 km from berlin to regensburg and back in 14 hours incl. one hour complete highwayblockade because someone died in a carcrash just 200m away from us, just shocking. Since Thuesday it is Paracetamol, Gingertea and lots of sleep for me. But I am getting better and will be back on my feet again later today, I hope.

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November 21, 2005

As you might have noticed...

..blogging somehow got boring to me, the reason why is simple, I was a sickboy for more then 2 months and didn't want to spread a "I am so sick" vibe. So I just stopped writing. But some long walks on the beach got me back on my feet again and I guess it is time to start this site off again....
Empty Beaches:
Stunning Skies:
Stuff on the Beach:
My best friend:
...to be continued

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