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March 15, 2005


Everyone, even you can make it in the entertainment world. All you need is the location where you are going to perform, promote yourself as the next wicked live show, send over your Technical Rider that reads: Labtop, Soundcard, Broadbandconnection. Enter the Stage and log into Marleen Timmers WD-1 DJ-TRAINER. And if someone was blond enough to pay you for this, grab the cash and get out of there. This wont exactly make you a star nor a good musician or an artist, but it might help you feel like one and its fun to play around with. Sent in by the camonist.

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you think we believe your lies, do you? You think all you got to do is to invest some of the money we gave you for whatever you are doing and make yourself look a bit better then you actually do, did you? But were not blind out here and some of us pretty much know what you did, plus they are revealing how you got away with it in the first place. Find out the truth about Awful Plastic Surgery. Credits to the Camonist for sending this link and a shoutout to Verena for setting things straight about the Average American Woman of today: "Terrible, you are dreaming! There is no such thing as real tits in America these days."

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