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March 01, 2005


when the color photos where invented, things were a bit different then today, but photographed in colour it seems a bit like nothing is real, or lets say, the quality of the pictures is so good that you start checking for those little mistakes that demasque the fake....but I didn't find any of those, so those pics are not faked....very impressive.
Thanks go out to eike at shit2know who found these pics.
Actually did anyone hear the world celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the colour photo 2 years ago? I cannot remember reading anything like that...but I might have missed it.

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You may think Fossett is out of his mind and he defenitely has to be a bit crazy, but still he does what little boys dream of for example: go around the world in an aeroplane all alone. For this mission he teamed up with Billionaire Branson in order to fly nonstop around the world setting another world record. This links directly to Mission Control Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer : Flight Tracker Hurry up, because he is going to be flying only for 60 hours from now.

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