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March 25, 2005


mosh girl
ouch, my belly.....HAHAHAHA.....thank you jake for posting.

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if you belong to those people who never get the styles right and really haven't got a clue what the hell all those genré names for all that music that you refer to as techno means checkout: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Sieht aus wie ein Multimediaprojekt aus den 90ern, aber nach nur einigen Minuten wird einem klar, hier steckt ne Menge Liebe drin. Agent Orange hat uns zu Ostern einen Link geschickt die Geschichte der elektronischen Musik anhand von Hörbeispielen zusammenfasst und erklärt: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

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der hier hatte eine Idee, Internetseiten gibts viele, Autobahnen auch, Internetseiten müssen gefunden werden, werden sie aber oft nicht, bei Straßen ist es einfacher, Du fährst, Du musst dran vorbei. Großartig.

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March 24, 2005


credits to skizm who drew this.

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mit meinen Englischkenntnissen ist offenbar das Übersetzungsmodul von Google. Checkt die DEUTSCHE VERSION von meiner kleinen Website.

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this time banksy went to N.Y. to add some of his own artwork to various world famous collections. Wooster Collective : Stickers / Posters / Graf / Culture Jamming. For more info just sneak over to his house and hang out: Go this way!
p.s. just discovered that this topic made it to every site around me, shame on me, theirs stuff was posted yesterday. 'don*t give a s***! banksy rules - that's about it.

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March 22, 2005


What a night! Alexandra came over for some computer and some basic code work on the sick girls website. their blog is hosted on the terrible system as it runs the mt-blogging software. Its all very basic and there is lots of work to do in the time to come, but what the hell! The girls wanted a system that enables them to post something - there they are! They went live tonight and as far as I can observe these girls love blogging, spend lots of time at recordstores and know whatup with the beats that rock the block these days. Keep Rockin!

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March 21, 2005


This website might be from france, maybe canada, the internet remains borderless. check: [: D*I*R*T*Y :]

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March 16, 2005


This week started with the rediscovery of discogs. they have grown so massive and have become such an essential tool if you have to manage a few hundred records or want to know which one of them u missed out on. This is not about sharing music or getting some stuff for free, it is a music database covering exactly my musical interests as are: HIPHOP, HOUSE, ELECTRO...
Then I got a call by a friend, telling me that I am booked to Backstage @ Maria am Ostbahnhof. This is funny. I find myself djing on one event with Smash TV, Woody, Kaos. Mitja Prinz, plus plus plus... this is exciting. So I go to Hardwax to shop some vinyl and their expert staff help me out with a very tight selection of records handed over with the comment: "you need these". I wonder how they do it, but it works. All I can say. THEY RULE!

The results of my research as expected by a proper dj are displayed as charts...here you go....


0. Neil Hawaiian House - Too good to talk to
1. Chicago Housing Commission vol 2 & 3
2. The Pump Girls - Get on It
3. D.E.T. only 06 & 07
4. Capleton - Good So Riddim
5. secret mixes fixes - vol. 3 & 4
6. Steve Pointdexter - africans with mainframes
7. ur - swamp thing
8. prince po - hold dat (richard x mixes)
9. Chez Damier - never knew love (made in detroit mix)

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its a revolution and I see it on tv since days. this is modern times and stuff gets screened these days. some people gathering in Beirut March 14th a panoramic view that is - take a look, what happened? Shouts to Eike for posting this one on s2k.

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March 15, 2005


Everyone, even you can make it in the entertainment world. All you need is the location where you are going to perform, promote yourself as the next wicked live show, send over your Technical Rider that reads: Labtop, Soundcard, Broadbandconnection. Enter the Stage and log into Marleen Timmers WD-1 DJ-TRAINER. And if someone was blond enough to pay you for this, grab the cash and get out of there. This wont exactly make you a star nor a good musician or an artist, but it might help you feel like one and its fun to play around with. Sent in by the camonist.

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you think we believe your lies, do you? You think all you got to do is to invest some of the money we gave you for whatever you are doing and make yourself look a bit better then you actually do, did you? But were not blind out here and some of us pretty much know what you did, plus they are revealing how you got away with it in the first place. Find out the truth about Awful Plastic Surgery. Credits to the Camonist for sending this link and a shoutout to Verena for setting things straight about the Average American Woman of today: "Terrible, you are dreaming! There is no such thing as real tits in America these days."

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March 02, 2005


Hello all you partypeople and especially promoters, lets conduct a little experiment right here. Get one of those newskool partyflyers and place it next to your monitor. Load this website: Party Flyers. If we are somehow on the same level the effect should sound something like: "wow!" Shouts to Isa in NYC for submitting this link of what she describes as "artefacts" and I describe as "oldschool". Imagine: all of these flyers were produced without the help of the mighty computer but put together with rub on letters, ballpointers, spraying adhesive and carpetcutters. keep in mind that it is only a flyer and only some information passed on from hand to hand in order to get the people to the partylocation. brilliant work.

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March 01, 2005


when the color photos where invented, things were a bit different then today, but photographed in colour it seems a bit like nothing is real, or lets say, the quality of the pictures is so good that you start checking for those little mistakes that demasque the fake....but I didn't find any of those, so those pics are not faked....very impressive.
Thanks go out to eike at shit2know who found these pics.
Actually did anyone hear the world celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the colour photo 2 years ago? I cannot remember reading anything like that...but I might have missed it.

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You may think Fossett is out of his mind and he defenitely has to be a bit crazy, but still he does what little boys dream of for example: go around the world in an aeroplane all alone. For this mission he teamed up with Billionaire Branson in order to fly nonstop around the world setting another world record. This links directly to Mission Control Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer : Flight Tracker Hurry up, because he is going to be flying only for 60 hours from now.

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