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February 19, 2005


There is more then one way to spend a night in a big town. You either can go out, dance the night away and come home in the morning feeling trashed from cigarettesmoke and too much drinks...OR...you can stay at home and work on some ideas. So last night I chose the home-option and ended up checking out I Movie. Walking the city the night befor I recorded some running lights and cutted them up last night. the result is available at video.terrible.org

the video is an experiment and a tribute to Jaco Pastorius. the music is charly parkers composition "donna lee" played by pastorius, released on his solo album: "jaco pastorius" back in 1976 (if you are into bass players skills this album is defenitely a must and you better go and buy the record). Sad enough for all of us Jaco is chilling with Charly Parker, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon these days, here is what happened to him one day:
"On the 12th of September at 4:20 in the morning Jaco was refused entrance to the Midnight Bottle Club in Wilton Manors. When he began to kick the door, he was set about and brutally beaten up by Luke Havan, club manager - and Karate black belt. Jaco was not even able to defend himself. Havan just kept hitting him in the face. A number of witnesses tried to intervene but Havan still didn’t stop - even though Jaco already lay unconscious on the ground. Havan then simply left the scene and Jaco lay like that for more than four hours in the street in a pool of blood, until someone at last took him to hospital. Jaco had a broken skull, his facial bones were smashed, and he had pneumonia. His face had so swollen it was virtually unrecognizable and his mother couldn’t bear to see him. Jaco did not regain consciousness; he lay in a coma for nine days, and died on Monday, the 21st of September 1987, at 22.00 o’clock." The full biography of Pastorius can be found at Reinhard Bock's Jaco Pastorius Page / Biographical Sketch.

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now available at http://music.terrible.org.

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