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February 03, 2005


dont you watch rap videos and think wow, id like to be in the jakuzzi with that korean african babe to the left of me to the right of me and in front of me and then think, hmm, i'm white and i'm not a rap star sometimes? correct me if im wrong or it sounds racist even in a postive way, but i think, that it is a way of getting back at whitey who has killed and tortured and done shit non stop. it is something mainstream redneck america aspires to and will never have.
i sometimes think the uprise rap and music has given to black people will maybe once again happen in africa. i hope that africa will rise as the black did with rap. is that rasicst or stupid or ok?

and playing to 300,000 people must be simply insane dont you think. fuck. i think about walking out the door and having 300,000 thousand graphic design fans wanting autogramms and having insane group sex something along the lines of the jakuzzi number above. but that shit
dont happen to graphic designers. but maybe it will. another to do for the long list. get 300,000 groupies. now thats a serious goal for '05. did i answer your question and wipe that concern from you slightly sweaty brow my freind?


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