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February 24, 2005


Think again! 5 years ago somebody managed to mount an mp3 player inside a cassette frame. Time went by and here comes a gadget you might have waited for. the endsolution for that left alone tape slit onboard your rotten car...plus its a dictaphone plus plus plus...::::: (주)현원 :::::.

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February 21, 2005


is start up the fast computer and build myself a city. m-city are obviously from poland and have made this configurator. Its easy, its fun, it just takes ages to load, as the startpage also hosts the gallery, which is eeeerrrhhh maybe not really elegant. Whatever, it is worth waiting.

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February 19, 2005


There is more then one way to spend a night in a big town. You either can go out, dance the night away and come home in the morning feeling trashed from cigarettesmoke and too much drinks...OR...you can stay at home and work on some ideas. So last night I chose the home-option and ended up checking out I Movie. Walking the city the night befor I recorded some running lights and cutted them up last night. the result is available at video.terrible.org

the video is an experiment and a tribute to Jaco Pastorius. the music is charly parkers composition "donna lee" played by pastorius, released on his solo album: "jaco pastorius" back in 1976 (if you are into bass players skills this album is defenitely a must and you better go and buy the record). Sad enough for all of us Jaco is chilling with Charly Parker, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon these days, here is what happened to him one day:
"On the 12th of September at 4:20 in the morning Jaco was refused entrance to the Midnight Bottle Club in Wilton Manors. When he began to kick the door, he was set about and brutally beaten up by Luke Havan, club manager - and Karate black belt. Jaco was not even able to defend himself. Havan just kept hitting him in the face. A number of witnesses tried to intervene but Havan still didn’t stop - even though Jaco already lay unconscious on the ground. Havan then simply left the scene and Jaco lay like that for more than four hours in the street in a pool of blood, until someone at last took him to hospital. Jaco had a broken skull, his facial bones were smashed, and he had pneumonia. His face had so swollen it was virtually unrecognizable and his mother couldn’t bear to see him. Jaco did not regain consciousness; he lay in a coma for nine days, and died on Monday, the 21st of September 1987, at 22.00 o’clock." The full biography of Pastorius can be found at Reinhard Bock's Jaco Pastorius Page / Biographical Sketch.

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now available at http://music.terrible.org.

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February 18, 2005


Zugegeben, nicht neu, faltplatte gibt es schon seit September vergangenen Jahres, die Idee ist auch nicht neu, aber die Modelle einfach putzig und in diesen harten und schweren Zeiten ein ästhetisch hochwertiges und historisch wertvolles Geschenk für Jung und Alt und auch Ost und West.
For my english users: Just go to faltplatte and send home a cardboard modelkit of Berlins most impressive location named Alexanderplatz with its most remarkable building the broadcasting tower.

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February 17, 2005


here is a little fight for you....make your own fights just as your ego needs it....have fun..

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February 14, 2005


I came up with a theory once, of the 5 pillars of rap. every good rapper has to be really perfect at one, or good at several.

and these are (in no specific order):

voice- die stimme machts. paradebeispiel: ton loc. supergeile knurrstimme, sonst hat er eigentlich nichts gekönnt.

rhyme - alliteration, etc. spielen mit das wort. manche mcs sind unglaublig. sehe: jurassic 5, souls of mischief, styles of beyond.

flow - wie der rapper seine stimme als instrument benutzt. hier ist der bedeutung von die worten vollig unwichtig. gute example: snoop dogg

metaphor - nicht das gleiche wie content. hier geht es um wie und nicht was der rapper sagt. bildliche darstellungen von ideen die dich zum lachen oder staunen bringt. mein lieblingsbeispiel: the beatnuts.

content - hier gehts um der kern der aussage. worum gehts wirklich im lied? das ist das erste undirgendwie und leider das am wenigsten drauf geachtete säule. ob politische message oder interessante oder persönliche geschichte, hier vergeht viele rappers die chance was rüberzubringen. absolute alltime renner: public enemy

es heisst nicht das ein rapper unbedingt besser ist je mehr pillars er beherrscht. die sind nur die elemente die ich dadrin sehe. caninus zum beispiel hat mindestens vier von den fünf, ist aber nicht so geil wie kool keith, der eigentlich nur eine davon hat (metaphor). rakim hatte übrigens auch 4 von 5. bei ihn fehlte mir die inhalt, also content. ich kenne kein rapper mit allen fünf. ausser vielleicht damals organized konfusion, erste platte. habe ich alle fünf? nein auf kein fall. but maybe someday.

Jake´s Album entitled "The Rapper" is about to hit the streets...

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February 09, 2005


Holla, that guy at thinknerd ist really putting up those really interesting films about computing, hacking and shizness, plus he does actually also feature the famous "kubrick, nixon and the man in the moon" documentary (actually the german version).
best thing about it....the guy has putten things up straight and is accessible via ftp follow the public trail to thinknerd/video...

Downloads - ThinkNerd

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February 08, 2005


Gizoogle - Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit
yo, this one is just "OFF THE HOOZLE"..

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February 07, 2005


LRB | Eliot Weinberger : What I Heard about Iraq
All the lies put together in one document. No comment necessary.

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February 04, 2005



i saw an incredible larry king show this morning on yes i watch cnn. first donald rumsfeld in a easy going mood talking about the danger of iran and thenafter dr. phil. fucking hell. what kind of tv and insanitry are we missing out on here. america must be insane. insane. insane. insane. but dr. phil what a cool guy. but the cls 350 from mercedes in silver is pretty cool too. have a nice weekend.


and paul, you know that whole iraq democracy as a victory against terrorism / an answer against terrorism (according to bush), why is it that bush's biggest buddies, saudi arabia and kuweit aren't democracies at all? SA is even on almost the lowest place in the democracy list. why is that ok in bush's eyes? i saw that documentary recently for the first time.

it's not really a documentary though. thing is, is has too much information, too many eye openers etc. and because it's too many it becomes a bit unbelievable. like it's too good to be true.

anyways, there's this one scene that says it all to me, and that's when that mother from flint who lost a son in iraq goes to washington and talks with this (asian?) lady who seems to be not 100% mentally ok, nonetheless, this random woman jumps into the scene saying something like it's all staged or something. anyways, the mother asks her if the killing of her son is staged, that random woman asks where he got killed, the mother replied: in iraq. random woman: a lot of people died there. the mother walked away while that random woman screamed: blame al quaida!

and i was like, whaaaaat? see that's sort of the effect of media brainwashing of the people.
ok, so we know what went wrong since 911, right?

we read all the books, saw all the documentations. we know they are only killing people for oil, we know that there has never been any weapons of mass destructions, we know that irak isn´t peaceful at
all after the war.


what are your ideas to face those radical regimes? how to deal with north korea, iran, sudan, somalia and bavaria, just to name a few (i know the list is much longer).

everybody critisizes the usa, what is ok, cause they are fucking up the world, but what would be the right way to change the world for good?

regarding that we don´t have a good starting position, since all those rogue(?) states have been built up by our weapons and our oil and drug money, but how to get out of there?

ich denke dass im moment eine vernünftige und die einzige lösung der konflikte angestrebt wird von europa. die diplomatische. herr fischer ist meiner meinung nach ein guter mann, ich habe ihn mehrmals sprechen gehört und glaube, dass er auch noch vier weitere jahre diesen job weitermachen wird. hoffentlich.

und auf diplomatischem wege hoffe ich (denn ich bin eher optimist) dass die völker der welt sich irgendwie verdammt noch mal zusammenraufen können und verstehen.


20% of the world population uses 80% of the resources. change that to 100% uses 100% and you will have a better world to live in.


michael moore zeigt uns, was er weiss aufgepeppt.

dein schöner jockel fischer zeigt dir, was du sehen willst, schön verpackt.

welche art von angenehmer diplomatie von ihm sollte man übenehmen?

Tornado-Luftangriffe auf Yugoslavien, oder doch lieber millionen von Euros an eine organisation, in deren gründungsstatuten die endgültige vernichtung israels festgeschrieben ist?

das problem ist ja: wir hocken zu tief im schlamm. fischer kann nur durch contenance punkten, weil amerika säbelrasselt.

der gute bulle sieht nur neben dem bösen bullen freundlich aus.



Eine lösung? Gibts nicht. eine lösung wäre sowas wie eine utopie.

Ich würde der problem an der lösung nehmen und anfangen da wo es eigentlich am einfachsten sein sollte. Bei sich selbst. Es heisst die "stärkeren" länder sollten aufhören diese länder waffen und drogen zu geben/verkaufen. Das wäre der wichtigster punkt. Waffen handel verbieten und verfolgen von jeder einzelner kontrabandist.

Wenn keine waffen mehr im spiel sind, kann mann diplomatisch versuchen durch faire und respektvolle gespräche das ganze zu beruhigen...


"millionen von Euros
an eine organisation, in deren gründungsstatuten die endgültige vernichtung israels festgeschrieben ist"

entschuldige meine ignoranz, aber welche organisation meinst du denn?

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February 03, 2005


dont you watch rap videos and think wow, id like to be in the jakuzzi with that korean african babe to the left of me to the right of me and in front of me and then think, hmm, i'm white and i'm not a rap star sometimes? correct me if im wrong or it sounds racist even in a postive way, but i think, that it is a way of getting back at whitey who has killed and tortured and done shit non stop. it is something mainstream redneck america aspires to and will never have.
i sometimes think the uprise rap and music has given to black people will maybe once again happen in africa. i hope that africa will rise as the black did with rap. is that rasicst or stupid or ok?

and playing to 300,000 people must be simply insane dont you think. fuck. i think about walking out the door and having 300,000 thousand graphic design fans wanting autogramms and having insane group sex something along the lines of the jakuzzi number above. but that shit
dont happen to graphic designers. but maybe it will. another to do for the long list. get 300,000 groupies. now thats a serious goal for '05. did i answer your question and wipe that concern from you slightly sweaty brow my freind?


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February 01, 2005


photo.terrible.org is online.
credits: all programming done by campsafari.

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